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About The People's Lobbyist

Bridging the Gap between Government and Its People

The People's Lobbyist is a new approach to civic engagement.  It is about engaging both the people and our government to have our voices heard, respected and truly considered when making decisions that affect our population.   There are 3 core values that drive the work of the People's Lobbyist: 

Community Stewardship:  We have the society we work for.  If we just have opinions, without engaging in actively helping others navigate society, we are part of the problem.  Therefore, we must take a proactive approach to have the kind of society where everyone can live with peace and dignity as they pursue happiness. 

Focus on Progress:   No policy, project, and program should be considered and implemented unless all people involved acknowledges the adverse impacts of said issues on all people, not just the people we like/respect.  

Transparency:  Politics is one of the major taboo subjects in society.  Therefore, this blog intends to be as honest about their political affiliations and opinions as much as possible.  


ABOUT ORVILLE MORALES is a community outreach specialist with 12 years of experience in the non-profit, government, and entrepreneurial sectors. Orville's career focus is on providing socially responsible recruitment and training to affect change surrounding various progressive issues in New Jersey.  

Orville believes that it is imperative to be driven by a mission that focuses on addressing the root causes of the many issues facing those most vulnerable amongst us.  He inspires passion by educating small business owners and advocacy groups to become better stewards of their community.  He focuses on issues in Public Health, Housing, Economic Parity, and Cultural Competency realms.  

Orville has served as a liaison for a Member of the United States House of Representatives in New Jersey's 9th Congressional District. This role ensured that the Member maintained a diverse range of relationships and perspectives amongst leaders of various industries. Such industries included Health, Labor, Technology, Business, Education, Veteran Affairs, Military Academies, Public Safety, and Faith-based communities.  

However, Orville's first love is in health and education, which intersects in his role as Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University. He has spent three years teaching Health Administration and Policy in their Public Health Department.  In 2020, Orville earned his first academic publication in the Journal of Preventive Medicine co-written with the Public Good Projects titled, "Evaluation of a Campaign to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in New Jersey".  As Campaign Manager of the underlying effort, Orville focused on changing people's knowledge, attitude, and behaviors related to sugary drinks in Medicaid-eligible communities.