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Agency: The Power to Choose

Agency is a critical concept to me. I don't mean an agency like a government or travel agency, where groups of people come together to provide a constitutional right or a service.

I mean agency, as in understanding your ability to do something. This something means anything. One requires a sense of agency when it comes to getting out of bed and going to work.

Agency is required to take your curiosity and Google something, such as movie times, restaurant reviews, concert tickets, and other less innocuous things. Agency is required to be an active participant in a relationship. Agency is essential when believing you have a right to take action.

The same applies to any public affairs issue. It requires a sense of agency to call your congressperson and give them a piece of your mind. It requires agency to use your time, energy, and money to influence an issue that impacts your life and the lives of others.

However, it does not require agency to have an opinión about what people should or shouldn't do. Ironically, it does require agency to share those opinions with others even though you are just talking about other people's agency.

The point is that Agency is only activated when you lift your thoughts, comments, opinions, or beliefs into action.

Granted, not everyone is aware of their agency. And unfortunately, many have been historically reminded they live in a world that does not take their sense of agency kindly for a long list of reasons.

However, every person who has discovered their sense of agency, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, ability, gender, etc., will say that their agency is their superpower.

If you feel you have a strong sense of agency, have you ever wondered what you could do to help others see their agency?

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