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Our Mission

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to begin having more of the under represented voices of reasonable, kind, future-focused individuals who wish to be heard in the places where major, society shifting conversations happen.

However, we are seeing an increase in a deeply aggressive and siloed move towards tribalism, where those of us who embrace conversation, debate and problem-solving are often ostracized. The form of tribalism we are seeing has ever changing rules that ensures the conversations only exists within idealistic or identity based values. This makes most public-oriented conversations related to religious purity, social justice, partisanship and the like, rather then the nuance and complexity that is truly inherent in the human condition.

Unfortunately, it has become more difficult to feel like we belong in any of the major tribes that guide national/international discourse that impact our lives.

The work of The People's Lobbyist is to create a tribe with open borders, which will allow for people to explore where their ideas, visions and missions stand in an ever evolving landscape of public discourse. This is a tribe of people who will no longer watch from the sidelines as other idealistic or identity based tribes fight, which only leads to inspiring fears of violence and retribution.

Our tribe would not only be a group of folks who aren't afraid to speak their minds but are willing to do the work necessary to have better conversations around issues before decisions are made. Some of this work includes:

  • Self-identifying the various ways we can have our voices heard (e.g. beyond just an individual vote in all levels of government),

  • Creating your own community forums to explore other people's perspectives,

  • Commit your time and money, if applicable, to organizations and movements that can quantify their impact on specific causes,

  • Develop a practice of citizen commentary on public issues with your community and beyond,

  • Grow the number and quality of public debate between representatives, candidates, and the public at large,

  • Improve the mechanisms you use to hold decision-makers accountable to their decisions,

  • Inspire collaborations between influencers and decision-makers,

  • Develop a culture of good will, especially, around difficult discussion topics,

  • Maintain a welcoming environment for feedback and critique of your perspectives.

This work is my answer to all of the times I waited for someone or something else to create a space that invites me to be a part of something bigger than I. My whole professional life, I advocated for non-profits, philanthropy and governmental agencies to take a risk and give the public a space to really explore their views and ideas about what we should do as a society. The way I did this work is that I accepted that every agency, or organization with funds and a mission, had the right idea. I just accepted the world as it was and I followed suit since I did believe I was doing the right thing.

The quote “when in Rome” was my life mantra until I experienced the federal government and I was within the halls of Congress (the heart of Rome). I realized how much influence I had and none of the public support to justify that power. I was an individual contributor to our society's decision making process. I felt that it was both my right and responsibility to share with others that power. However, sharing power in Rome by myself was a much harder concept than I ever imagined.

This is where our mission of inspiring people to see how our actions impact others comes from. We can spend all our time just bashing our governments, organizations, social movements as part of a broad problem in society. However, my own upbringing has shown me that if we do not take ownership of our own decision-making when dealing with society, we cannot and will not change anything for the better.

I was the youngest of my family, both immediate and extended family. I observed how my family made decisions for my life, that in hindsight were the wrong moves for a young person which created multi-year housing instability in the name of my father's dreams. The way I eventually rebelled was not through drugs or alcohol, but a deep desire to be front and center in leadership positions since I was in high school. I begun to think that I was responsible for everything, not only in my life, but societal issues too. I was a prolific student leader in college and once I graduated, I became a community organizer working to inspire people to take ownership of their local government. The next 15 years of my career has been taking ownership of roles that others choose not to take.

Eventually, I learned that you cannot inspire everyone to take ownership for their role in our lives, especially, If they are supposed to be responsible for you. I can just own my space in the world and allow myself to tell my story and inspire action for anyone who feels called to it. I believe in my own capability to influence change in others and I embody that by being authentic, vulnerable, compassionate and action oriented. I believe in order to change anyone we disagree with, we must be willing to face them.

Therefore, The People's Lobbyist is for people who need the space to explore how their views, beliefs and solutions stand in the broader dialogue and brainstorm how they can be integrated into the larger decisions in their communities and beyond. We are patient and compassionate, but we will always end in encouraging you to do something to bring your truth to public light.

We will provide feedback, support via research and develop a plan for you to own your role in society and ensure you have what you need to become a focal point of debate and action either officially thru public statements and testimony, or a space for you to invite friends, family to discuss important issues and perspectives that can lead to action.

Our offerings include:

Consulting: explore your views, compare them to the broader debate, be provide with research options and support, develop strategic action steps, action reminders, support for moderation of discussions. Debate prep, etc.

Membership Community: connect to like minded folks, continue exploring your most pressing issues, gain access to rapid response discussion, calendar of events and action opportunities.

Self paced academy: obtain worksheets, prompts and resources to explore your activism at your own pace.

Affiliate Support: Partner with aligned agencies where our audience can direct their action with established or developing movements.

We promise to be honest, patient, transparent, compassionate and encouraging. We also respect others' views, even if we disagree, because we are very committed to your privacy. This will allow us to get at the core of your views and find ways to help you explore them with nuance and complexity in mind.

So if you feel like we are the right partner for you, then click here and lets start a conversation.

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